About The Firm

Our team of experienced attorneys has an arsenal of legal tools in their belts. Our many years of experience allow us to carefully choose the proper implement for the job. We do not believe in using a sledge hammer when a traditional claw hammer will do the job---but will not hesitate to use a sledge hammer when required. At the end of day, the best approach to any legal issue is the one that our client determines is best for the bottom line.

Our firm is always making sure that our legal tools stay sharp and in good working condition. We do this by being one of the leading construction law firms in California. Every year, we join the California Associations of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) in Sacramento to actively lobby for and against laws that directly affect our client’s interests. We are active members of several other construction organizations including Building Industry Association (BIA), San Luis Obispo Contractors Exchange, and Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).

Our attorneys regularly attend legal seminars to keep up-to-date and to hone their legal tools. In addition, we actively participate in several legal construction organizations, including the Los Angeles County Bar’s Construction Law Subsection, and a Construction Law Study Group comprised of elite construction attorneys who meet quarterly to roundtable issues and current trends in construction law.

Main Office: 4012 Katella Suite 102 Los Alamitos, CA 90720 Phone: (562)594-3911