Construction Contracts

The construction contract for residential, commercial and public works projects is the foundation of the relationship between every

  • Design Professional,
  • General Contractor,
  • Subcontractor,
  • Developer, and
  • Material Supplier.

It is critical that prior to signing a construction contract the parties understand their respective

  • Duties,
  • Liabilities and
  • Risks

and then negotiate to eliminate or minimize one-sided contract terms.

Do you understand your duties, liabilities and risks you are accepting? No?!?!

It is critical to understand this as relationships deteriorate when a dispute and/or litigation is on the horizon. At this point, it is too late to negotiate favorable terms.

Our law firm helps construction contractors draft and/or negotiate construction contracts to match each construction contractor’s tolerance for risk.

Critical contract clauses include:

  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Change Orders
  • Notice Provisions
  • Payment Provisions
  • Paid When Paid
  • Paid If Paid
  • Retention
  • Indemnity and Insurance Provisions
  • Damages for Delay
  • Termination
  • Claims and Disputes Procedures
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions

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