Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Notices and Bond Claims

Design Professionals, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers, and Material Supplier stand proud… Article XIV, Section 3 of the California Constitution specifically gives construction contractors the right to collect monies owed for work performed on private and public work construction projects.

To enforce your constitutional rights, construction contractors much successfully navigate the legal obstacle course that the California Legislature and California Judiciary continually changes each year.

The legal obstacle course includes:

  • Serving Preliminary Notices
  • Making Informal Demands for Payment
  • Recording Mechanics Liens
  • Serving Stop Payment Notices
  • Making Surety Bond Claims
  • Making Claims on Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Enforcing the Above with Timely Lawsuits

Construction contractors need to remember that unlike in other areas of the law, this area is very technical with short unforgiving timelines for when the preliminary notice, mechanics lien, stop notice and complaint need to be filed. Missing the timeline for any of these steps will cause loss of your constitutional rights.

We are here to assist construction contractors in navigating through this legal process and providing advice so that the best decision can be made for the bottom line.

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