Avoiding Employees Or Jobsites Being Stopped By Local Jurisidcitions

The trade contractor’s organization CALPASC is hearing of some local building inspectors attempting to shut down jobsites because of the inspectors belief proper safety measures are not being taken in regards to COVID-19.

CALPASC recommends posting at the jobsite, or workers having a list of safety guidelines; that can be shown to inspectors, but also need to be enforced by our supervision.  (Template Below)

CALPASC also recommends posting on the jobsite educational materials for employees to follow: Click here for a sample of pdfs that can be printed up, from the CDC: www.cdc.gov/nonpharmaceutical-interventions/tools-resources/educational-materials.html

CALPASC is also hearing of some jurisdictions questioning drivers of vehicles, as to whether they are essential workers. Employers can cut and paste the information from our previous alert regarding construction being considered “essential work”, onto your letterhead, authorizing the driver employee to be working. Make sure employees bring their drivers licenses with them when driving to work.

“Essential Services Documentation” and “Safety Guidelines

Download, copy and paste this document samples onto your company letterhead and post it at your job sites and in all company vehicles.

I encourage ALL contractors who are NOT members of CALPASC to join.  CALPASC is only as strong is its membership. Your membership $$$ goes to keeping you, the contractor informed.

Another reason to join CALPASC TODAY, is that members get CALPASC’s help when there is an issue with a government agency, including a local building inspector trying to shut down a job.  If you are interested in joining, e-mail Bruce Wick at bwick@calpasc.org or Maria Plumtree at mplumtree@plumtreelaw.com