The DIR is replacing the Compliance Monitoring Unit (“CMU”) and Labor Compliance Program requirements for bond-funded and other public works projects. The new program requires contractors to register before bidding on and entering into contracts for state and local public works projects

ALL contractors are required to register before bidding and entering into public works contracts on state and local public works projects by March 1, 2015. NO EXCEPTIONS!

An unregistered contractor is subject to (1) having its bid rejected and (2) having its contract cancelled and being replaced by a registered contractor after March 1, 2015.

Registration Process

Registration is simple. To register, contractors must pay an initial registration fee of $300, which will need to be renewed annually, and complete an online application showing that the contractor:

  • Has workers compensation insurance sufficient to cover any employees, as applicable;
  • Has a valid contractor’s license from the California Contractors State License Board, as applicable;
  • Is not subject to any delinquent wage or penalty assessments owed to an employee or the state;
  • Is not currently debarred from performing work on a public works project under state or federal law; and
  • Has not bid on a public works contract, been listed in a bid proposal, or performed work on a public works project without first being registered through the program, within the preceding 12 months or since the effective date of the program requirements, whichever is earlier.

Find information on Public Works Contractor Registration here.

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